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If your idea of heaven is a never-ending BBQ, this is your spot. The smokehouses described here deliver hams, hickory-smoked sausages, beef jerky, salmon jerky, and turkey jerky. It's a regular meatopia.
Nbsmokehouse www.nbsmokehouse.com

In 1943, Russell Kemble "Kim" Dunbar, bought five ice plants in small towns across South Texas. The ice plant in New Braunfels was on the site of the former New Braunfels Brewing Company.

During the 1940s, when home refrigeration was limited, local farmers and ranchers brought their own meats to the New Braunfels ice plant for cold storage. Benno Schuennemann, a local German-American who worked at the New Braunfels ice plant, turned customer's raw hams and turkeys into delicious hickory smoked meats. Benno was the first "Smoke Master" of the Smokehouse. Using old German recipes to cure and smoke the meats, Benno produced smoked hams and sausages that were the talk of the area. Soon, word spread and people wanted the meats sent to them throughout Texas.

Kim and his good friend Bill Wyatt, a prominent advertising executive, talked of creating a brochure to advertise the hickory smoked meats in 1945. That was how the New Braunfels Smokehouse got its start in the mail order business.

It was then that Kim's wife, Arabel, came into the business. She knew that in order to sell a food product, people needed to taste it. Thus, the New Braunfels Smokehouse Restaurant was born. In 1952, the Dunbars opened a "Tastin' Room" on Highway 81 in New Braunfels with the intention of attracting people travelling between San Antonio & Austin. The architect, inspired by old Smoky Mountain smokehouses, designed a small building with bent pipe chimneys and walls that leaned.

What began as a few products, such as smoked turkeys, hams, bacon and sausage, has now grown into a catalog of over fifty products.

Today, Kim's daughter and son-in-law meet with Mike Dietert, our Vice President and General Manager, almost every day to share ideas and make decisions. The mail order business continues to grow, thanks in a large part to the growth of the Internet (www.nbsmokehouse.com). This family-run business continues to work to keep your family supplied with high-quality hickory smoked meats.
Nodine's Smokehouse www.nodinesmokehouse.com

Nodine's Smokehouse Inc. was started back in 1969 as a small custom smokehouse in Goshen, Connecticut. Nodine's is now featured in some of New York's finest establishments, such as Citarella, Dean & DeLuca and Fairway Markets.

Over the many years of hard work and dedication, this small family business outgrew the small processing plant located at the farm in Goshen. In 1989, the company moved to a remodeled and modernized 20,000 square foot facility, seven miles away in Torrington on 65 Fowler Ave.

The gourmet retail store is still located in Goshen behind the house at 39 North Street, in what was once a diary barn, that we moved and remodeled. The gourmet retail store carries almost all the Nodine's product line, in addition to many gourmet specialty items; from soup fixings to already prepared soups and sandwiches. A unique taste experience is waiting to be had by all visitors.

At the new production and shipping facility, while using the finest U.S.D.A. inspected ingredients, we feel we have been able to capture the Old World Gourmet quality and flavor that's missing in most high volume facilities. Nodine's distributes some of the finest smoked meats, poultry, fish, and cheeses throughout the United States using the quickest and most efficient means available to us to expedite orders to our customers.
Snackmasters www.snackmasters.com

Years ago in a garage in Fresno California, Jim Rekoutis, an innovative beverage executive had an idea that meat snacks should offer more than the consistency and taste of shoe leather. Rekoutis knew that jerky could be flavorful, moist and chewy, a natural product and made with ingredients that were healthy. At the time, processors were turning to poultry products to entice people into consuming lower amounts of fat in their diets. "So, why not Turkey Jerky?" Rekoutis thought. It was worth the try. After over a year of experimentation, a flavor trial, taste tests and production problems, the first original flavor of Turkey Jerky without preservatives was ready for production. Rekoutis knew that people wanted a better product than what was available at the convenience store check stands at that time. But how to hand-produce a volume of jerky for a health-conscious consumer was a bit of a mystery. It all started with the idea of curing turkey from age-old recipes. The rest of the quality products soon followed.

Jerky is one of the oldest meat products with its roots in the culture of the old West. Settlers and prospectors alike cured meat with flavorings and used it to subsist on the trail. In this tradition bound business, Jim Rekoutis has built a company that blends old-fashioned taste with healthy goodness.

SnackMasters low fat jerky is an excellent source of protein in a healthy diet. Their jerky includes beef and salmon that are 97% fat free, turkey that is 98% fat free and Ahi tuna that is 100% fat free. SnackMasters Natural Gourmet Jerky is made with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavor enhancers (MSG). It is also low in cholesterol and contains no trans fats.
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