March 27, 2023
15 min

Why Some People are Great at Giving Gifts

March 27, 2023
15 min

Why Some People are Great at Giving Gifts

Have you ever noticed that some people are really great at giving gifts? They seem to thrive on giving the perfect present every time. These are the people that you would want at your next birthday party or holiday celebration because they bring the best gifts for everyone.

Though, the question is… why are some people great at giving gifts? Through comprehensive research and our own experience in giving gifts, we’ve found that most natural gift givers are attentive and aware. They ask questions, pay attention to the answers, and really get to know the people they are intending on getting a gift for.

Did you know that there’s a psychology behind great gift-giving? When you give a gift to someone, you are showing care, especially if the gift is well-thought out.

Alongside a list of great gift ideas, we’ve given you a rundown on how you too can be a great gift giver.

  • Be Attentive to Someone’s Interests, Hobbies, and Preferences.

For some people, making a physical list of someone’s preferences, hobbies, and interests can help come up with the perfect gift for them.

For the purpose of this article, if someone loves snacks, what kind of snacks do they love? Find out. Everyone has different snack preferences, and those on your list may love salty and savory snacks more than sweets. The same can be said for other things they love, like hobbies that might include books or outdoorsy things.

The best thing you can be is attentive when getting to know someone. There’s a huge chance that person could be on your holiday list this year, so pay attention to what they like in everyday conversation. Ask questions geared towards their passions and interests, then gift accordingly.

  • Go with Practical and Thoughtful Over Personalized.

There are loads of amazing gifts that are sentimental and personalized, but many of them will simply sit on a shelf and gather dust. Your gift should be something practical and thoughtful – something that someone can eat, read, or do. Sure, sentimental knickknacks are fun to give in the moment, but don’t add to the clutter of someone’s home by giving them a gift that doesn’t have a purpose.

Practical and thoughtful gifts can still be personal.

Even gift cards can be considered practical, thoughtful, and personal when you give a gift card that you know someone will love. Does your recipient enjoy crafts? A gift card to an art store lets them know that you are being attentive to their hobbies while giving them the chance to shop for whatever they want.

  • How Close are You to the Gift Recipient?

Gift givers are often met with the dilemma of what to get someone they don’t really know. Perhaps it’s a work colleague or a classroom friend. You know, those people who aren’t quite friends but wouldn’t be classified as acquaintances either.

The level of gift you give should match your closeness with the recipient. And all gifts, regardless of relationship, can be thoughtful.

For instance, a romantic partner or spouse would appreciate a date night, experience, or something sentimental to be shared between the two of you. Whereas a best friend would love something symbolic of your friendship, like a shared favorite snack for movie nights.

For recipients at school or work, be attentive to what’s on their desk or backpack. What have they talked about as their favorite things? Use gathered information for a thoughtful go-to gift, like candles, self-care products, or sweets.

  • Think Ahead – Don’t Leave Your Shopping to the Last Minute.

You know when the holidays are, so there shouldn’t be any hesitation in shopping for loved ones on your gifts list.

If you leave your shopping to the last minute, not only do you cut your options down, but many items are more expensive the closer it gets to a holiday. By planning ahead and shopping earlier, you can gift your loved ones with what they really need, want, and would love – without breaking the bank.

  • When In Doubt, Ask for an Idea or a Wishlist

In most cases, no one is surprised to be on your shopping list for the upcoming holidays. So, when in doubt, be blunt. Ask them what they would want as a gift.

Some people keep wish lists on major retailer sites, so ask them to send you a link to one of their wish lists. You can choose one or two gifts from there, and you already know it’s something they’d want and appreciate.

  • Don’t Worry About Monetary Value.

Some of the most thoughtful gifts can be some of the most least expensive as well. Don’t get hung up on monetary value. The people on your gifts list don’t, and shouldn’t, expect a wildly expensive gift. And those that do shouldn’t be on your gifts list anyways.

Loved ones will be happy with whatever you gift them, regardless of cost, because you were thoughtful enough to gift them something in the first place.

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